Oct 25, 2011


It was such a beautiful day, windy and sunny at the same time. A strange combination of a cold wind and warm sunbeams. The leaves in the garden seemed to glow in the sunlight and whirled away a moment later.
M was playing with his beloved hydro grains again and I was strolling around the garden with my camera. At these moments we're at complete peace with ourselves and our surroundings. I wish we could be like that all the time.
I felt how the sunbeams warmed me and enlightened me. I felt how the wind blew my worries away. That fresh cold wind brought energy and clear thoughts.

And suddenly I could not remember what I worried about this morning and why I was angry or disappointed. It all seemed so small and non-essential. The essence was here with my boy in our garden. It was hidden in every bird, flower and plant...and in me.
After today I promise myself to go outside whenever that feeling of discontent comes again. To take a time-out to breathe some fresh air and to reconnect (and perhaps to play with hydro grains.. :)


  1. Often times a breath of fresh air will allow us to re-connect...I find that going for a walk always helps me in times of worries or stress. Your photographs are taking me in your garden with little M, so peaceful...Thank you Sas.
    Hugs from Vancouver :-)

  2. :) sound familiar promise. I always promise myself go to walk by the sea shore which is very near and calm myself but I do forget it always when it is needed:)
    It is the little moments with the nature we should remember. Beautiful pictures, Love the soft autumn light.

  3. I need nature to help me centre myself - we're outside a lot at the moment. Thank you for describing it so clearly with such sensitive images.

  4. your style is unique,
    and I loooove it!!!

  5. preciosas imágenes!! como creo que ya te dije, me encanta tu estilo!!. Un abrazo!! Y gracias por el GRACIAS en tu blog!

  6. Beautiful post! And a good reminder for all of us.
    x Katherine


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