Mar 15, 2013

Tutorial Wee Felt Folk - Free PDF-pattern download

These lovely wee people I hold close to my heart. They have given me and my family so much joy and add some magic to our home. In almost every corner of our house you can find a little fairy scene and everyone who comes to vistit us is enchanted by them. So I warn you, once you get started....

Required Materials for 1 woodland wee person;

- pipe cleaners (1x 4.5 cm,  1x 5.5 cm and 1x 11 cm)
- 1 wooden bead 15 mm
- 2 wooden beads 5 mm
- wool felt scraps
- beeswax scrap
- tuft wool roving (for hair)
- mini tuft of wool roving or a thread of wool (for the shawl)
- scissors
- (embroidery) thread
- needle
- eco glue
- acorn cap or chestnut shell
- a copy of the free pdf-patterns (click here to download)

1 -  For the legs, cut a piece of pipe cleaner of 11 cm and fold it in half. You can use the ruler on the pdf-pattern for this.

2 -  For the arms, cut a piece of 5,5 cm and for the neck a piece of 4,5 cm.

3 -  Slide the piece for the arms between the legs and insert the piece for the neck on top.

4 - Wrap the legs around each other a few times so that a body is created and the arms and neck piece are tightly attached to the body. Fold one end of the neck upward and wrap the other side downward around the body.

The base frame is now ready!

5 and 6 - Cut the pattern for the trousers out of the felt (click here for the free pdf-pattern). Fold the trousers/legging around the legs and sew it close to the legs with a blanket stitch. You can tuck the trousers legs or otherwise cut them a bit shorter before you sew the trousers together.

7 -  Stitch for the zipper seam a on a and b on b and before you tie off, wrap the thread around the waist two times to secure the trousers. It is also possible to stitch the zipper seam first before you stitch the trousers, just see what works best for you.

8 - Choose a pattern from the pdf model A or B and cut the pattern for the jacket out of the felt. 

9 and 10 - Slide the hole on the neck and check if the sleeves fit the arm length. The arms should be a little bit longer than the sleeves so that you can attach the beads for the hands. Check if the arms are equally long and adjust if nescessary. Sew the outer edges under the sleeves and side of the jacket together with a blanket stitch. See the pdf-pattern for more details.

11 - Put some glue on the ends of the pipe cleaners at the sleeves and slide the beads for the hands on the pipe cleaners. Put some glue on the neck piece and slide the bead for the head on it. 

12 - Divide the piece of beeswax into two small pieces and shape them into little shoes (simple oval shape). Press the legs gently into the beeswax shoes.

13 - Glue a tuft of hair on the back of the head and glue the acorn cap on top of the head on the hair. Glue a tiny string of hair on the forehead and tie the ends of the hair into two pony tails. 

14 - Finally for the shawl, you role off a small tuft of wool between your fingers into a wire of about 6 cm long and wrap it one time around the head. If you want you can carefully cut some fringes on the bottom of the jacket of model A.

Enjoy your new friend!

I hope you will enjoy creating these tiny characters as much as I do, 

warm greetings sas



  1. Oh Sas! They are very beautiful - I can't wait to try them! x

    1. Thank you emma, I can't wait to see your wee folks! xx

  2. I have just found your blog via natural suburbia, and can I just say, Wow. So, so beautiful. I am currently making some wee felt folk for my childrens school fair (using a slightly differnet technique). I just love your colour combinations, and I think there is a fishing scene in my new future. Thankyou!

    1. Oh, thank you for the heartwarming comment Kylie!
      Have a lovely weekend and school fair, xx sas

  3. I am really not into dolls and things - never have been. But I am taken with Bloom's peg people - and now your fairy ones. These are the ONLY little toy people I don't find - I don't have a word. The only ones I find charming. Because they are. Very much so. Thank you for the tutorial.

    1. Hihi, such a lovely compliment K!
      Thank you, xx sas

  4. Thank you for a wonderful tutorial. They're so cute!

    1. Nice to hear you like them Anneli!
      Have a lovely weekend, xx sas

  5. This is lovely, thank you for the tutorial. And I love the ladybird scurrying across the bottom of the screen.

    1. Lovely ladybird isn't it. It was a surprise from my man.
      He knows how much I love these little beetles.
      Have a lovely weekend, xx sas

  6. Your wee people and scenes are so inspiring! I really like the one with the feather wings, they are perfect!
    I may have already invited you to my sharing creative ideas link up, I know my readers would love to see your ideas! It's held every weekend.
    ~ joey ~

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and the invitation Joey.
      I have added my link, thank you and have a creative weekend xx sas

  7. They are so beautiful and I will create a couple tomorrow!
    Thanks for sharing your technique!

  8. Thank you very-very much for this tutorial! I made some and want to make more. It's rather hard to stop )) The first already live in my kitchen now. You can see some photos here
    Your blog is fantastic!

  9. Today I found your tutorial. I immedately tried one. She is sitting on my desk now while I write this. Thank you!

  10. Thank you for sharing. The little wee folk people are so cute and I'm going to make some for my dear grandchildren.
    Warm greetings from the EU.

  11. Thank you for all the lovely comments!
    It makes my day :-)
    Sending you a big hug from Holland,
    xxx Sas


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