Jan 22, 2013

10 min. DIY - Fairy Snow

Thanks to MamaNatuurlijk and her lovely blog 
we had a wonderful time this morning creating fairy snow in our kitchen. 

Just fill a tub with fresh snow 
and mix some non toxic waterpaint colours in different bowls. 

My son became the colour magician....

and suddenly there was fairy snow....


  1. It's a good and creative and beautiful idea..I like the pastels tones and the snowy texture...
    and the little magician ..:)
    nice work..:)

  2. Wauw dat ziet er prachtig uit! Met recht sprookjessneeuw!

    Liefs MamaNatuurlijk

  3. Voor het geval je mijn reactie op mijn blog niet leest. Wij hebben dus vandaag toevallig ook sneeuw geverfd. Alleen dan buiten.

    Liefs MamaNatuurlijk

  4. OH how sweet! He has grown up so much since the last pic I saw of him was as a little baby :)

  5. Beautiful!

    If only we got snow here. Sigh...


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