Mar 21, 2013

Felted Wee Bird Nest

Required Materials;

- (ping pong) ball
- woolroving in soft yellow or brown for the nest
- woolroving in natural or light blue for the eggs
- access to hot and cold water
- liquid olive soap or eco dish soap
- bubble wrap or a plastic bag
- a bowl
- scissors
- optional; a felting needle
and a nylon stocking

This little wee bird nest is a lovely decoration for the seasonal table and is so easy to make. You can follow the tutorial for the felted stones but instead of stones we use a ping pong ball this time. Click here for the complete tutorial.

After your felted ball is completely dry you carefully make an incision in the middle of the ball with a pair of scissors and you cut around the ball. Now you have two small bird nests. The inside of the nests can be a bit fluffy and can be smoothened with a felting needle.

For the eggs you fold the edges of a small piece of wool roving to the center 
and wrap it with a small tuft of wool roving into a small ball.
Now follow the same instructions as for the felted stones but make an egg shape by rolling the balls between your hands before you let them dry. 

 Enjoy this lovely symbol of spring!

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  1. Excelente trabajo! Y como siempre son muy bellas las imágenes!!
    Un abrazo grande.
    (Tuve que eliminar el comentario anterior por errores de escritura)

    1. Thank you dear Silvina for the lovely compliment! Xx sas

  2. Wow. Your blog is beautiful. Love your craft, and the way you photograph is wonderful.

  3. Het is weer allerschattigst!! En wat ziet jou blog er toch mooi verzorgd en zonnig uit!!! Ik wordt erg vrolijk als ik bij jou langs kom!
    Groetjes Severine

  4. You had me wondering what you were going to use the ping pong ball for!? These nests are so sweet, I must try making one. I needlefelt but wetfelting intrigues me!
    Please stop by and share this weekend!
    ~ joey ~

  5. Arte en estado puro!


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