Oct 5, 2011

Nasturtium & Friends

After some wonderful sunny days the rain is finally setting in now and it is time to clean up the container garden. I always feel a bit gloomy at the end of the season, but full of new ideas for the next year.
Next to our house there is a small tiled path where I've created a mini vegetable garden in containers. It looks just lovely and although we have had the wettest summer since 100 years overhere in Holland, everything is blooming bravely.

It always moves me to watch a plant or flower grow from seed. The positive growth effect is such a wonder to witness. It makes me feel humble and I realize that I am disconnected with Mother Nature, as if I have forgotten so many secrets about existence. Creating little green spaces for me and my family helps me to reconnect.
The Nasturtium is one of my favorite's with their intriguing alien-like buds and extravagant flowers. Their colours are so intense and the big seeds are very easy to handle, so even I have had some successful growth.
M loves to help me with the containers and is always very busy with picking the last flowers, squishing fallen mini tomatoes and rearranging the hydro grains. Oh, how lovely it would be to watch him poke around in his own small garden.....maybe next year.


  1. It sure seems like the rain did all your container garden lots of good. Those colours are amazing, Sas. Hugs xo

  2. Love the peek into your garden blooms, Sas.. one of my fav flowers too.. quirky..colourful... full of life.. Hugs to Mats... love

  3. Lovely pictures... I love your flower work!

  4. Such autumn beauty! I too am thinking about a garden for my little ones next year...

  5. What a beautiful color! Lovely flower pictures.

  6. Esse seu modo encantador de trazer a magia do universo para a fotografia nos encanta e alegra o mundo. Parabéns e obrigada por tanta beleza expressa!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my goodness, the colors in these photos are absolutely stunning! Lovely photos.


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