Apr 24, 2013

DIY - Seasonal Nature Table made of Repurposed Cutting Boards

A seasonal nature table can be such a lovely element in any Waldorf or nature inspired home. For me it is a wonderful way to visualize the rhythm of the year and also to focus my toddler son during our daily walks. He loves to search items for our nature table and combined with picture books and cards it is food for the eyes and the soul. A great inspiration source and my personal favorite on the subject is the book The Nature Corner.

This seasonal nature table is very easy to make with old cutting boards. 
Mine is made of bamboo but any kind of board will do. 
Required Materials;

- (birch) branch of app. 40 cm and app. 7 cm thick 
- 3 cutting boards 1 large (I used app. 25x35 cm)
and 2 smaller (I used app. 15x20 cm)                
- hot glue gun
- sandpaper
- optional; plumb ruler

1 - Saw 3 equally sized parts of your branch of approx 7 cm each and make sure the top has an even surface. 
2 - Sand the boards a bit so the glue will adhere better, then place the 3 parts in a triangle form  and attach the large cutting board using the hot glue gun.
3 - Cut the remaining branch in two parts (one a bit longer than the other) and attach the first in the right corner. Make sure it makes a straight line with the part below the cutting board. 
4 - Attach the last part and cutting board. 

Now you can wax or oil (I use vegetable oil) the boards
and your new seasonal table is ready!

Now the fun part begins...to dress up the table. Everything that is somehow connected to nature and the current season will do. Make sure the child is fully involved in dressing the table, and change the table regularly together in a simple way. Sometimes simply adding a new flower, card or figurine will be enough to create a new atmosphere.


This simple Spring table reflects our current reading
"Lily the little princess" and "Peter William Butterblow".  

Have fun and please feel free to contact me with questions or to share your own nature/seasonal table!

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  1. What a clever idea. I like the idea of having a multi-tier nature table.

    1. Thank you Lynn, this table works wonderful for us.
      warm greetings xx sas

  2. Wonderful this would be perfect for our small home. Thank you for sharing how to make it.

    1. Nice to see you here Cerys,
      for a small home, just like ours, it is an ideal table!

      I came up with the idea after trying different set ups but all were taking too much space.
      This one is just perfect in our cosy little home and hopefully will be in yours :)

      xx sas

  3. What a nice idea!! It really "sets" the nature table place.
    I've tried to keep one in our house but each time the kids were playing too much with it... I need to try this!

    1. Thank you Andréann,

      It helps when you place the table in sight but not on playing level.
      It is now a weekly ritual to change the nature table together after a long walk or a day in the garden.

      Good luck and thank you for visiting,
      xx sas

  4. Beautiful. I've often wanted to create a nature table, but I've been too chicken.

    1. Just give it a try, afterwards it can also be used as a fruit table or a garage ;)
      I really enjoy creating a nature table together, hopefully you will too!

      Thank you for visiting and warm greetings,
      xx sas

  5. I love your blog and photos! i wonder if you would like to do a little post for me on my blog about colors/silks?

    1. www.sarahssilks.com or email me sarah@sarahssilks.com

    2. Thank you Sarah and I would love to create something for your blog!
      I will contact you about it, warm greetings sas

  6. Gorgeous! I love the idea of using bamboo cutting boards! You have decorated it beautifully! Thank you for sharing it on Sharing Creative Ideas this weekend!
    ~ joey ~

    1. Nice to hear from you Joey and thank you for hosting Sharing Creative Ideas,
      it is always lovely to share and get inspired!
      xx sas


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