Feb 23, 2013

The Gnomes go Sailing; DIY - Cork Boats

Required Materials;

- Corks
- Coctail sticks or toothpicks
- Felt or paper
- Scissors
(- Optional pegdolls and glue)

1 - Cut a cocktail stick in half. 
Push one or two halves into the side of a cork.
2 - Attach another cork to it by pushing it into the cocktail sticks. 
(It helps when you pierce the corks first)
3 - Make a small hole with the top of the scissors and attach the mast 
(= a twig or stick with a square piece of felt, paper or leaf) 
4- Optional; glue a small pegdoll on the boat.

Fill a (bath-tub with water and enjoy your gnome cork boats this weekend!

(You can find a rainbow gnome tutorial here)


  1. Replies
    1. Dank je Severine, ik vind ze zo dapper op het water!
      liefs sas


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