Mar 2, 2013

Potpourri of rose petals

Making potpourri is a lovely activity for children (and mothers) 
that tickles all of the senses.
The wonderful fragrance of the roses, the silky soft petals 
and the explosion of colours are irresistible.

For this potpourri I used the wonderful (but now withered) roses 
my man give me for Valentine's Day. 
They had such a wonderful scent and their colours where so beautiful, 
ranging from deep orange to yellow in the center.

Make sure you only use organically grown roses without pesticides!

First I cut the flower heads off the stems so that there were 
no more thorns on the roses.
All those flower heads, arranged on a tray, looked like an impressionist painting!

Then the fun part for my boy began. Plucking the petals carefully from the roses. 
He took his job very seriously and clearly enjoyed it.

The rose petals were spread on a towel
and placed in a warm spotin front of the radiator.
After an hour I rolled the towel with the petals carefully into a long roll
and placed it on top of the radiator and left it there for several hours
until the petals were all dried.

The potpourri can be placed in a bowl or basket or put into a muslin bag.
The scent of the potpourri depends on the savor of the roses.
After a while or if you have used non fragrant roses
you can add some drops of organic essential oil to the dried petals.
I use geranium essential oil because essential rose oil is too expensive
and geranium adds a lovely scent too.

Another idea is putting the plucked petals on a string
and hanging them in a warm spot to dry.
 This rose garland is also a wonderful table decoration. 

I wish you lots of roses!



  1. Hi andere Sas ;-)
    Mooie blog....prachtige foto's....leuke ideeën....dank!
    Ik ga je volgen...

  2. Your photos of the rose petals are simple stunning.

  3. Very pretty roses, I have never made my own potpourri, it looks like fun, I even have a similar colored rose bush. :)

  4. We have just entered Autumn and those colours are just so Autumnally (I'm pretty sure that's not a word - I just made it up) beautiful!

  5. Bedankt andere Sas voor jouw lieve complimentjes en wat leuk dat je mijn blog gevonden hebt.
    Ik ga nu bij jou kijken, liefs van een andere sas

  6. Hello April, you should give it an try, it is so rewarding and fun.
    And with your own rose bush you can also dry the rosebuds that even works better!

  7. Haha, I think Autumnally is a beautiful word Handmaden! Thank you and I love Autumn it is my favorite season! Enjoy the wonderful colours Handmaden while overhere we are waiting impatiently for spring colours.

  8. Thank you Maaike, lovely to hear you love their colours too!


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