Apr 11, 2013

Garden Gnome Reading Corner

After a hard day's work gnomes love to relax a bit in a comfortable reading chair. This one is made of 7 corks and a slice of birch of app. 6 cm. I used waterproof glue so rain is no problem (except for the relaxing gnomes maybe...)

The magazines are made of the water-repellent waxed paper of an used popcorn packaging. And the magazine rack is made of two walnut shells glued together. 
(Place the magazine rack in a windless spot) 

And last but not least...the coffee table. Any self-respecting gnome needs a decent coffee table and this lovely pebble model with a cork base is the latest trend. A pretty heavy model that does not blow away easily, ideal for the outdoors. 

This little project is easy to make (I use a small iron saw for the corks) and so much fun for children. And let's not forget the gratitude of the gnomes of course!

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  1. Beautiful as ever dear Sas! You are an inspiration!

  2. You are truly amazing with your miniatures!
    Please stop by this weekend and link up,
    ~ joey ~

  3. Such beautiful, clever, inspiring ideas! These creations look as though there's a bit of magic tucked into them somewhere...

  4. Love these! And we have two big bags full of corks :-)

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely compliments,
    it truly makes me happy to create these tiny scenes. xxx sas

  6. Thank you Jennifer :)
    xx sas


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