Apr 14, 2013

Snail Fairy

This Snail Fairy mama is the guardian of the snails in our garden.
She polishes the snail shells and helps to repair the shells that are damaged. In return the snails offer her their used snail shells and let her ride on their back. My son loves to polish snail shells with olive oil to help the Snail Fairies.

Download the tutorial for the basic Fairy pattern here and for the baby here. For the headdresses and baby crib you can go on a treasure hunt with your child and search in your garden for empty snail shells. I am always amazed by the beauty and diversity of the shells.

Have a lovely slow weekend my friends.....


  1. I just recently found you blog, and I am amazed by the beauty and generosity of your posts!! I love all of your little fairies...and I am so glad I found this majical place to visit:)

    1. Thank you Michaelanne for your heartwarming comment!
      I'm happy you have found my blog. Have a lovely Sunday and warm greetings from Holland, xx sas


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