Jun 1, 2013

Fairy Houses - Fairy Bird House

Today I'm still having so much fun with my fairy bird houses made of egg cartons!
(click here for the complete tutorial)

They are ready in no time,so I can easily prepare some during nap time.
And while my toddler plays with all the lovely materials I decorate them.

For this one I used my beloved woodpecker feather that I found in our garden.
Together with some willow twigs, dried moss and alder clots it makes a lovely scene I think.

Of course these houses can be used by all kinds of tiny creatures. 
I wonder who will live here...

  Have a magical weekend! 


  1. Beautiful Saskia! I think the alder clots and the woodpecker feather give it that little extra oomph. I hope the local fairy cats leave the fairy birds alone!

  2. So nice to hear you like it Jennifer!

    By the way I have been making your cloth diaper inlay and they are great,
    thank you again for the great idea!

    Have a lovely Sunday,
    xx sas


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