Mar 22, 2015

DIY - Faerie Nest Wall Hanging

.....soft whispers and faerie light....
... an ancient miracle....
... awakening...

Simply fill the bottom or top lit of a camembert cheese box
 with a firm layer of wool (fleece). 
You can create two bases out of one camembert box.
Prick with a felting needle to make a firm batt of it 
and attach it to the lit with some hot glue.
Then use the felting needle to attach wool curls, 
mohair for the centre and a small Faerie egg.
Decorate the nest with found feathers, branches and angelina fiber,
For wall hanging prick a hole into the backside.

... a faerie nest...
... made with love.... will shine from it...


  1. Love it ! Such a beautiful Blog! Keep it UP!

    1. Thank you Annie for your lovely comment!
      xxx Sas

  2. LOVE IT! Most beautiful blog till now! I like the CUTE Ladybug :) Keep up the good work ... wish to see more of your creativity :)

    1. I love the ladybug too Annie, my husband created it for me using one of my ladybug photographs. Thank you for your heartwarming comments, it means a lot to me.
      xxx Sas


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