Mar 17, 2015

Faerie Book of Shadows

... ancient spells and cures, aromatherapy....
....potions and incense recipes...
....the secret book of faerie wisdom...

......can only be read during full moon's night...
....deep in the sacred forest by beeswax light..


  1. I've been so enjoying seeing your blog posts popping up in my email again. I truly missed your creative whimsy while you were away.
    P.S. did you ever receive the book I sent?

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment Jennifer!
      I did receive your book during my computer break and I thought I had mailed you. So sorry if I didn't, it was such a beautiful heartwarming gesture. The topic couldn't be better.... I let you know when I've finished it... in the meantime I send you a big hug xxxx!

  2. I love this there teeny tiny writing inside?

  3. haha not yet, I will need a special pen for that... thank you xxx!

  4. I looove the aged look of this. This is fantastic.


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