Jul 22, 2011

DIY - Strawberries

These lovely strawberries make a sweet gift and are great for pretend play.
You need the following materials to make them;
- Wool fill
- Small piece of green wool felt
- Red white polka dot cotton fabric
-A piece of green stick felt
- embroidery thread and a needle
- scissors
1+2 - Cut a round circle out of the polka dot fabric. You can use a small saucer as a template.
       3 - Now cut a section out of the circle as shown in Figure 3.
4 - Fold the ends of the largest remaining portion together.  And stitch the seam with a backstitch.
5 -  Fold the strawberry inside out and fill it loosely with stuffing. 
Close the top of the strawberry with a lock stitch.
6 - Cut a small circle out of the green felt.
Attach the circle on top of the strawberry with a stitch in the middle of the circle.
Now cut the circle into strips, but not too close to the middle.
Finish it by cutting the ends of the strips in half circles   
and attaching a tiny piece of stick felt on top. 

Okay, it seems a lot of text for such a small strawberry, but they are really fun to make! 
And ready in no time!


  1. Cheguei até seu blog por causa da Isabelle.
    É muito lindo este seu dom. Parabéns pelas fotos e pelas postagens e obrigada!

  2. Amei também o DALLY COLOURS.

  3. LIndo! Parabéns!!!
    Cantinho da Galega.blogspot.com


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