Mar 22, 2015

DIY - Faerie Nest Wall Hanging

.....soft whispers and faerie light....
... an ancient miracle....
... awakening...

Simply fill the bottom or top lit of a camembert cheese box
 with a firm layer of wool (fleece). 
You can create two bases out of one camembert box.
Prick with a felting needle to make a firm batt of it 
and attach it to the lit with some hot glue.
Then use the felting needle to attach wool curls, 
mohair for the centre and a small Faerie egg.
Decorate the nest with found feathers, branches and angelina fiber,
For wall hanging prick a hole into the backside.

... a faerie nest...
... made with love.... will shine from it...

Mar 17, 2015

Faerie Book of Shadows

... ancient spells and cures, aromatherapy....
....potions and incense recipes...
....the secret book of faerie wisdom...

......can only be read during full moon's night...
....deep in the sacred forest by beeswax light..

Mar 16, 2015

Magical Faerie Totems

.... a faerie totem cannot be bought or taken...
...for its power will be forsaken...


... it is a very personal gift from Mother Nature herself.... connects you with its former wearer...
... a bird, a flower, an insect, a tree...
...sometimes even a faerie... your heart and let the magick find you...

...special seeds, feathers, bones and pixie hair...

...look with your heart and you'll find them everywhere.......

Mar 15, 2015

Faerie Magic

...unicorn hair, mushroom and moss....
....magical forest treasures...
....once known now lost... dust, amber resin..
.. and faerie lights....
....gathered during full moon's nights...

... create a powerful ancient spell..
... protect the forest....
... where faeries dwell....

Mar 14, 2015

To the waters and the wild...

Come away,
O human child
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand,
For the world's more full of weeping
than you can understand.

 - William Butler Yeats

Mar 13, 2015

Woodland Faeries

After a long break I've finally started to create again 
and it feels just wonderful.

For these lovely woodland faeries
I have used wool balls for their heads instead of wooden beads. 
It is so much easier to shape their hair and hats this way. 
I feel like Vidal Sassoon when I'm modeling their hair with my felting needle :)

Jun 21, 2013

DIY Flower Fairy Patio Set

Recently I discovered a delicious organic alcohol free apple cider and it even has a champagne cork! So finally I could make a lovely fairy chair like the ones I had seen on Pinterest. After that I became inspired and designed a matching patio table with a flower parasol.

Here is my simplified version of the chair, 
all you need is a wire cage from a champagne or cider bottle and a wire cutter;

1 - Cut the loop from the lower wire of the cage.
2 - Remove the wire completely from the cage leaving it in one piece.
3 - Shape a chair back by bending the wire.
4 - Twist the chair back onto the legs and trim excessive wire.
5 - Bow the end of the legs slightly.

Optional; you can remove the chair seat before you attach the chair back and replace it later.

For the patio table you will need:

- a wire cage 
- sharp scissors/knife
- wire cutters
- plastic or glass cap to use as a tiny vase
- a screw cap of 4 to 5 cm
- hot glue gun
- a flower with a long stem and water

 1- Cut the loop from the lower wire of the cage and remove the wire completely from the cage leaving it in one piece.
2 - Remove the seat from the wire cage. 
Prick a hole in the screw cap using scissors.
3 - Glue the wire cage to the bottom of the screw cap with a hot glue gun.
Glue the plastic cap in the center of the wire cage onto the screw cap, 
with the open side below the hole.
4 - Fill the plastic cap with water trough the hole in the screw cap.
Bow the end of the legs slightly and place a flower in the patio table vase.

 This makes such a lovely summer table decoration!
I hope you enjoy it and I wish you a lovely weekend.

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