Jun 21, 2013

DIY Flower Fairy Patio Set

Recently I discovered a delicious organic alcohol free apple cider and it even has a champagne cork! So finally I could make a lovely fairy chair like the ones I had seen on Pinterest. After that I became inspired and designed a matching patio table with a flower parasol.

Here is my simplified version of the chair, 
all you need is a wire cage from a champagne or cider bottle and a wire cutter;

1 - Cut the loop from the lower wire of the cage.
2 - Remove the wire completely from the cage leaving it in one piece.
3 - Shape a chair back by bending the wire.
4 - Twist the chair back onto the legs and trim excessive wire.
5 - Bow the end of the legs slightly.

Optional; you can remove the chair seat before you attach the chair back and replace it later.

For the patio table you will need:

- a wire cage 
- sharp scissors/knife
- wire cutters
- plastic or glass cap to use as a tiny vase
- a screw cap of 4 to 5 cm
- hot glue gun
- a flower with a long stem and water

 1- Cut the loop from the lower wire of the cage and remove the wire completely from the cage leaving it in one piece.
2 - Remove the seat from the wire cage. 
Prick a hole in the screw cap using scissors.
3 - Glue the wire cage to the bottom of the screw cap with a hot glue gun.
Glue the plastic cap in the center of the wire cage onto the screw cap, 
with the open side below the hole.
4 - Fill the plastic cap with water trough the hole in the screw cap.
Bow the end of the legs slightly and place a flower in the patio table vase.

 This makes such a lovely summer table decoration!
I hope you enjoy it and I wish you a lovely weekend.

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Jun 14, 2013

Fairy Houses - DIY Milk Carton Flower Fairy Home

Yesterday I suddenly had inspiration to create a new kind of fairy house that could be used as a flower pot too. I'm very pleased with the result especially since I can finally recycle our milk cartons into fairy houses.

 Like always this is very easy to create!

1 - You need a used, well rinsed milk carton (the ones in Holland have a spout that can be used to water the plants).
2 - Prick a hole in the side of the carton with scissors and cut out 2 square windows. You can use the flaps to create shutters, but this time I just removed them.
3 - Fill the bottom with some soil and fill the carton with succulents till just above the square windows.
Optional; cut the support bar between the windows to easily fill the carton with plants. Later you can restore it when you cover the carton with barch.
4 - Cover the entire sides of the carton with barch and moss and create a barch roof using a hot glue gun. And finally decorate the house with pressed flowers, moss, snail shells and feathers.

These homes will attract the flower fairies of the plants that are growing inside.
Good luck and I wish you a magical weekend!
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Jun 7, 2013

DIY Fairy Gardening with Succulents

To me succulents are the ideal plants for creating fairy scenes. To use them in tiny fairy gardens you simply cut a few twigs and put them in water and in the sun. After a few days they will often root and you can plant them in a new fairy garden.

Last year on Pinterest I saw lovely terracotta flower pot fairy gardens. For these gardens I use broken terracotta flower pots, succulents and moss. Soaked soil can be used as modelling paste but afterwards the succulents don't need alot of water.
1 - Create a layer of stones on the bottom for drainage and fill 1/3 of the pot with soaked soil.
2 - Place a large potsherd as a wall in the middle of the pot and fill the space with soaked soil.
3 - Place small potsherds as the steps of the stairs in a half circle around the main potsherd.
4 - Fill the top of the flower pot with succulent plants and cover the dark soil with moss.
5 - Decorate the garden with tiny rooted succulents cuttings and all kinds of natural treasures.

- Update; for a more detailed tutorial visit the inspiring blog De Gulle Aarde - 

For this scene I simply used moss and a few rooted succulent cuttings to create a lovely moss terrace. I think it is important to use moss from your own garden and not to disturb or destroy the true fairy scenes in nature. It is easy to grow your own moss in a moist corner in your garden. 
1 - Collect moss and rooted succulent cuttings. 
Put a layer of gravel in a bowl and cover it with soaked soil.
2 - Make an arrangement of the succulents, leaving room for the terrace.
3 - Cover the soil with moss and add natural decorations.
5 - Garden furniture made of birch slices and willow branches makes a lovely fairy terrace!

 My favorite project so far are the fairy 'trees' in my front yard. I made them of tree root stumps with a succulent hat.
1 - Collect different (hanging) succulent plants and create a nest out of chicken wire. Place it on top of the tree stump and secure it. Fill the bottom of the nest with old newspapers and fill the nest with soaked soil.
2 - Cut holes in the wire and stick the plants into the nest.
3 - Finally cover all the visible wire and soil with moss and Spanish moss.

These fairy gardens are easy to create and to maintain and always attract the attention of people and fairies passing by!

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Jun 1, 2013

Fairy Houses - Fairy Bird House

Today I'm still having so much fun with my fairy bird houses made of egg cartons!
(click here for the complete tutorial)

They are ready in no time,so I can easily prepare some during nap time.
And while my toddler plays with all the lovely materials I decorate them.

For this one I used my beloved woodpecker feather that I found in our garden.
Together with some willow twigs, dried moss and alder clots it makes a lovely scene I think.

Of course these houses can be used by all kinds of tiny creatures. 
I wonder who will live here...

  Have a magical weekend! 

May 31, 2013

Fairy Houses - DIY Egg Carton Fairy Bird-Houses

My new idea of creating these fairy (bird-)houses made me so very happy this week! For a while I had been thinking about a way to recycle our empty egg cartons and then I came up with these bird-houses, that look lovely in all kinds of decorations like table pieces, trays with herbs and flower arrangements. They also make lovely ornaments.

Here is how you make them:

1 - Collect some egg cartons. 
I used a 6 piece egg carton and made 2 houses out of it.
2+3 - Cut the center cones from the egg carton, using scissors.
4 - Now cut the remaining cups from the egg carton. 
The same amount as the cones, 2 in this case.
5 - Glue the cones and the cups together.
6 - The 2 bases are now finished!

Now my favorite part starts... the decoration! I glued the houses on a stick first so I could paint them easily. I used water paint to paint the houses and moss and a small branch to finish them.

When you work with children you can prepare the houses in advance. Place the houses on sticks in a bowl surrounded by materials like water paint, glue, moss, small branches and snail shells. Then let each child paint and decorate their very own fairy bird-house.

The houses can be placed outdoors on a roofed terrace for example but they are not waterproof. Thanks to their size they look lovely anywhere in or around the house too and they also make lovely presents. I hope you enjoy these tiny houses as much as I do!

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