Oct 26, 2011

DIY - Cobweb mini-tutorial for Vani

In response to your question here a mini tutorial for you Vani. I really love to make these cobwebs and this one is a 'frosty' one for my mother. It is so simple and so much fun to do, I hope you feel the same.
What do you need?
Well not much, 6 or 7 bamboo skewers, yarn or embroidery thread and a chestnut.

Let's start;
1 - Prick some holes in the chestnut for the skewers. Use a knife or scissors and be careful because the chestnut is slippery. Attach the skewers by pressing them firmly into the chestnut.
2 - Now attach the yarn to a skewer with a knot. Go to the next skewer and twist the yarn around (I always twist it twice but when you're handy one time is enough too). Keep repeating this by going from one skewer to the other while pulling the thread tight between the skewers. Create new rows by attaching the yarn slightly diagonal. When you leave no space between the different rows of yarn you will get a 'closed' web. That looks very nice too.

Dear Vani I hope my humble tutorial was a bit helpful and your window in India will have a cobweb soon too :)


  1. International cobwebs, do the spiders know about that? ;-)
    Beautiful craft sweet Sas

  2. I have a feeling we're going to be making these today! Thank you for the tutorial!

  3. Hey Sas! That is so sweet of you. Loved the tutorial. Thanks so much my friend. Now, I just need a substitute for chestnuts ;-) ...Not available in my part of the world...;-) Will send a picture of "my cobweb" as soon I make it! Love to you dear girl! Thanks again... Vani

  4. What a great tutorial! I will have to see if I can make it this weekend before Halloween! Thanks for sharing it.
    x Katherine


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