Oct 17, 2011


During my Sunday walk with my mother we were busy talking about anything and everything when all of a sudden we almost had an accident with an unexpected car.
Fortunately, nothing happened and a bit shaken we continued our way.
After a while she gently took my hand and whispered
'Today life reminded us to enjoy each moment'.
I agreed and we walked home arm in arm and in grateful silence.


  1. Oh Sas I am so glad you both are fine. Life is indeed very precious and sometimes a reminder is a good thing...not such a close call though.
    Be safe please...

    Hugs from Vancouver

  2. So true, one must enjoy and life to the fullest, with love to all. cheers Marie

  3. I'm glad your both ok! But that is a good reminder. Sometimes when life gets busy that can be easy to forget. Thanks for sharing the reminder with us, as well as those beautiful photos.
    x Katherine

  4. I'm so glad you're both ok. Your mother sounds a very wise woman indeed!

  5. Me encantan tus fotos ! Puedes hacer que se vea hermosa la cosa más simple.Sabias palabras las de tu madre. Saludos desde Argentina!!!

  6. Wow, that's scary. So glad that you are both OK.

  7. Life is indeed precious and I'm glad you're both OK.
    Gorgeous photos, love the colours in these leaves and the berries, just wonderful!
    Awesome capture with the snail!

  8. Your mum is a wise woman... enjoy :)


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