Oct 31, 2011

Buddhism for Mothers

Do not dwell in the past,
do not dream of the future,
concentrate the mind on the present moment.

~ Buddha
Inspired by the wonderful book "Buddhism for Mothers" by Sarah Napthali I recently refreshed my interest in the Buddhist approach of life. My interest was somewhat weakened over the past year since I was overwhelmed by motherhood. But now that I am somewhat back to my senses (as far as possible with all my lack of sleep), it is time to work on myself again.
I have noticed that 15 months after giving birth, I still have my mood swings and no one believes that it is still the pregnancy hormones hihi. So I must face the fact that becoming a mother puts things in another perspective. Under a magnifying glass to be precise. Supposedly small bad habits are magnified to huge stumbling blocks in conscious parenting. Motherhood is the ultimate challenge with above all an unconditional love and at the same time severe uncertainties. So let's start...
The first step was to read this book by Sarah Napthali. So far so good. Now step two; daily practice of keeping my thoughts positive and focused on the present moment.

I am a daydreamer and my thoughts are always either in the past or the future, but almost never and certainly not for long in the present moment. Only when I take my photos and while writing my blog I am fully present in the Now. Well today I will try to expand those moments.



  1. Oh Saskia, I did not know you were my twin. So many years younger than me living so far away whom I have never met, yet your words I could have written so many times, especially the daydreamer part...Deep breath, it does get easier ;-)

  2. being a mother is a great challenge and the most wondeful thing in the world!

  3. How true. I'm using 'Buddhism for Mothers' as my guidance at the moment. Everything you have written has such resonance for me. Mothering is both hard and the most amazing thing ever. x

  4. Here's to you Sas. Love to you on your new journey of being Present :)...
    Hugs, Vani


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