Mar 22, 2013

Week Rhythm Colour Wheel - Free PDF-pattern download

Required Materials;

 - printer and paper to print the free PDF-pattern
- cardboard
- pencils, beeswax crayons or waterpaint
- split pin (linchpin)
- scissors
- non toxic glue
- optional; thread or ribbon

Inspired by Waldorf kindergartens I have designed a week wheel to visualize our week rhythm. The wheel consists of 2 circles and the smaller one is attached to the larger circle with a split pin. The small circle is divided into 7 parts, each part representing a day of the week with the corresponding colour for that day. The child can rotate the wheel each morning for a new day and thus learns the days of the week and their colours.

- After printing the free pattern you can let your child (or yourself) 
paint it with watercolours, wax crayons or pencils. 
- For extra hold, glue it on cardboard and cut it out. 
- Use a split pin (linchpin) to attach the smaller circle to the larger one. 
- Glue the arrow from the pattern on cardboard and cut it out. 
Decorate it and glue it on top of the larger circle. 
Make sure that it overlaps the smaller circle.
- Make a hole at the top if you want to hang the week circle.

Many ancient cultures believed that every day of the week had it's own corresponding planet, colour, scent and grain. This belief was adapted by Waldorf schools around the world;

Monday - Moon - Rice - Purple/violet - Jasmine 
Tuesday - Mars - Barley - Red  - Clove 
Wednesday - Mercury - Millet - Yellow - Copal 
Thursday - Jupiter - Rye - Orange - Cedar 
Friday - Venus - Oats - Green - Rose 
Saturday - Saturn - Corn - Indigo - Myrrh 
Sunday - Sun - Wheat - White - Frankincense

Following our week rhythm I try to dedicate each day to it's corresponding colour. There are all kinds of little ways to do this:

- A  table cloth in the colour of the day.
- A morning color walk looking for specific colored items.
- A small color arrangement on the coffee table
using flowers, gem stones, playsilks, small (Ostheimer) figurines.
- Snacks of fruits and vegetables in related colours.
- Coloured candleholders with a beeswax candle.
- A clothing detail like a scarf or a brooch.

I feel that focussing on the different colours like this actually intensifies my child's experience of the different days of the week and their rhythm.

Let me end this post by wishing you all a colourful week!


  1. Wat heb je prachtige foto's! Mooi hoor, ik ga je volgen ;-)

    1. Wat leuk om te horen Madelief, dank je ;)

  2. What a beautiful post! Your photos are gorgeous and you have laid them out so creatively! Last night I was colouring some egg drawings with coloured pencils so now I'm eager to make your colour wheel.
    Thank you for linking up to Sharing Creative Ideas!
    ~ joey ~

    1. Such a lovely comment Joey!
      And thank you for hosting 'Sharing Creative Ideas',
      xx sas

  3. Thank you for sharing these ideas.


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