Apr 15, 2013

Fairy Party-Lights Tutorial

Fairies love to dance and on hot summer nights they dance until dawn. Lightened by the moon or lampions made of Physalis flowers. I thought I surprise them by creating some party-lights out of used Nespresso cups for their next dance event.

Required Materials:

- used Nespresso cups
- Christmas lights (string of 10 lights)
- scissors
- needle
- teaspoon
- acces to water
- a towel
- optional; hot glue gun

1 - Collect some Nespresso cups.
(in different colors)

2 - Cut the silver cap open with a pair of scissors.

3 - Use a teaspoon to remove the coffee-grounds.

4 - Rinse with water to clean the cup 
and dry it with a towel inside and outside.

5 - Prick with a needle a hole on top and use the scissors to enlarge the hole.

6 - Prick some decor on the side of the cups.

7 - Gently push the Christmas lights into the cups. Secure with a glue gun if you use the lights outdoors and use outdoors Christmas lights in this case.

Well, what do you think...isn't it romantic?
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  1. Sas, so wonderfully done! Your site is beautiful ....thanks so much for visiting me! pamela

  2. So nice you dropped by Pamela!
    Thank you and warm greetings sas


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