Apr 5, 2013

Rhythm of the Year Circle - Free PDF Download

Required Materials;

 - printer and paper to print the free PDF-pattern
(Free PDF-pattern  Dutch version)
- cardboard
- pencils, beeswax crayons or waterpaint
- split pin (linchpin)
- scissors
- non toxic glue
- optional; thread or ribbon

Inspired by Waldorf kindergartens I have designed a year wheel to visualize the rhythm of the year. The wheel consists of 2 circles. The smaller circle is attached to the larger one with a split pin. The small circle is divided into 16 parts: 12 parts for the months of the year and 4 parts for the 4 seasons. The child can rotate the wheel each month for a new month and/or season. Ideal for playful learning and homeschooling!

- After printing the free pattern you can let your child (or yourself) 
paint it with watercolours, wax crayons or pencils. 
- For extra hold, glue it on cardboard and cut it out. 
- Use a split pin (linchpin) to attach the smaller circle to the larger one. 
- Glue the arrow from the pattern on cardboard and cut it out. 
Decorate it and glue it on top of the larger circle. 
Make sure that it overlaps the smaller circle.
- Make a hole at the top if you want to put the year circle on the wall.

I also made a week circle, which you can download here.
(the Dutch version here)
It is a nice addition to this year circle.

Each new month and season is welcomed in our home with adjusting our seasonal table, singing songs and reading stories.

When you try to focus on a more natural and soulful life with your children by implementing daily, weekly and monthly rhythms throughout the year, you will discover how this ancient rhythm of life deeply nourishes your family life as well as your own personal growth.



  1. Hermosa inspiración!
    Un abrazo y feliz fin de semana.

  2. Thank you dear Silvina,
    have a lovely weekend!
    xxx sas

  3. Es muy importante tu trabajo...
    Yo soy madre y estoy fascinada con tu blog y ahora más...
    Los niños son esponjas, absorben las buenas vibraciones y enseñanzas.
    Eres genial!

    It is very important to your work ...
    I am a mother and I'm fascinated by your blog and now more ...
    Children are sponges, absorbing the good vibes and teachings.
    You're great!

  4. Remei, thank you so much for this wonderful compliment.
    It makes me so happy to share with other mothers!
    hugs to you xxx sas

  5. This is lovely and I've often wanted to do this, if only for myself! Your photos too capture so much. My eye was caught by the photo of the board books, often difficult to find. I wonder if you would share the titles and authors for these books.
    Thanks! Danielle

  6. Hello Danielle, thank you for visiting my blog and it is lovely to hear you like my work.

    The books in the picture are from Mies van Hout but they are not translated in English (yet).

    Also lovely but not yet translated are the wonderful board books by E.M. Ott-Heidmann

    I can recommend the four seasons board books by Gerda Muller, they are our favorites

    Also our favorite is Marjan van Zeyl ( wonderful seaonal cards too)

    Hopefully I have been of any help and good luck with the books,

    warm greetings sas

  7. Hello, greetings from down-under. Could you let me know where you purchased your split pin (lynch pin) as I am having difficulty trying to source one here and maybe I can purchase this online somewhere....? Also thank you for all your wonderful blogposts - I really enjoy reading them and they are very inspirational indeed. Warm blessings.

  8. Just wondering where you purchased the lynch pin (split pin) as I have having difficulty sourcing one here (Aus). Thank you for all the lovely tutorials and the inspirational blogposts. Greetings from down-under.

    1. Hello there,
      thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      I have found some links that might be helpful;



      I found out that they are also called 'brads'. English is not my first language so sometimes the translations are a bit odd hihi

      Good luck with your pins and warm greetings from Holland,

      xxx sas

  9. What beautiful and inspiring ideas!

  10. What beautiful and inspiring ideas!

  11. Hi there,

    I want to ask you, can i take this idee and make à Dutch one of it?
    Hope its oké!

    Kind regards,

  12. Hello Bianca,

    I already have a Dutch version,
    I will put the link in my post.

    warm greetings sas

    Hallo Bianca,
    Ik ben ook Nederlandse maar maak mijn blog in het Engels,
    Ik gebruik voor ons zelf thuis de cirkel in het Nederlands, ik zal de link
    erbij zetten voor je.

    warme groet sas

  13. Hello SAS, this is such a beautiful way to represent the circle of the year. I wonder if you would be interested in making a version for the Southern Hemisphere - I know lots of people would love it? Loving your inspiration :-) Warmly, Kelly xx


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