Mar 31, 2015

Totem Necklace and Faerie Ribbons

Today I made this necklace made of my favorite crystal point 
and a hand felted organic shape.

It is a totem which honors my new passion...wet felting. 
The ancient felting technique of rubbing wool 
with warm water and soap to create felt is just magical...

... it balances me, it grounds me 
and the smell of wool on my hands works like aromatherapy...
it makes me feel connected again with nature...but above all with myself ...

... for my little ones I made a faerie ribbon scarf
by braiding beautiful ribbons and art yarn into a long colourful strand with tassels.

Lately I discovered how comforting it is to recycle fabrics 
like clothes of loved ones into ribbons.
They make very special totems and heartwarming decorations...

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