Sep 26, 2011


This morning during our first cup of coffee T told me a story. Years ago at the Conservatoire in Amsterdam T's piano teacher told him that the reason for his anxiety to play for a crowd was partly caused by his vanity. At first he was shocked because he felt more like a victim of the situation rather than a instigator. But later on he realized that she was right and smiled.

I really love these coffee conversations about everything we come across in our daily lives. They help me focus on what really matters instead of focusing on making a good impression. It is liberating to be able to discuss my daily actions and to discover the cause of so many 'embarrassing moments'. To be able to laugh about those actions, to share the emotions they bring and to discover the hidden lesson within them.
They are all opportunities to grow I guess.

To me that is the pure form of love; being able to be yourself together.
And hopefully finally learning to be yourself with anyone who crosses your path.
That is still a long way for me, but I am on my way.


  1. So true, I remember my Father telling me the same thing, when I would get nervous walking into a room of strangers, he would say it is just vanity, and I keep that in mind, as it has helped a lot, I taught that to my daughter (20 years old now) and it has given her confidence. cheers Marie

  2. Espectaculares imágenes! Muy coloridas, me encantan!!

  3. Sas, Such a blessing to be able to be yourself with the one you love. Feeling safe enough to be open, laugh and grow together is truly love in its purest form.
    Hugs to you dearest friend :-)

  4. Love this post and as always, the beautiful photographs!
    Be well :)


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