Oct 10, 2011

The Tides

Such a beautiful day, filled with sun and rain.
During a long walk with my boy and my man I suddenly feel overwhelmed with happiness and suddenly also fear.
Too much love for one woman, so much to loose....but I know fear is a bad counselor.
I remember what my own Mama always tells me; 'Life is just like the tides of the sea, after joy comes sorrow and after sorrow happiness and so on.
So instead of trying to hold on to happiness, absorb happiness like a sponge, enjoy every happy minute and allow yourself to feel it through and through.
This way you will always have light when life throws a shadow on you.'
So I take a deep breath and allow myself to enjoy and absorb all that happiness.
It chases away the fear.

And finally there is silence inside me for a while...


  1. Your mama is a very wise woman, Saskia and I am glad you remembered her words and followed her advice. Fear does tend to grab your heart when it is overflowing with love. Hugs and loving energy sent your way from Vancouver :-)

  2. Beautiful thoughts ... lovely images...

  3. Lovely photographs and a lovely sentiment as well. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love the fantastic colours.

  5. How true! We all need that glow of happiness to keep safe for darker days... I love your images - such beautiful light. Hugs from England

  6. Wise words and beautiful photos.As usual :)
    Fantastic colours...like sweets.


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