Oct 8, 2011


I know I will have to let him try,
this beautiful, strong and brave baby boy,
he is ready.
I know.... and I will.
After one year he knows our save and warm little house inside out and he is ready for new places and new faces to discover.

Silently I watch him while he gathers leaves and plucks the last Oxalis flowers. Everything has to be tasted and gets gently crushed. Oh motherhood...it is all about letting go... I know.....I will....

While he crawls around I take my photographs in silence, my meditation...both of us in our own sacred worlds. Life is wonderful... when I just let it flow.... I know...I will...


  1. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy. May your mom's love for you allow her to give you the roots and the wings you need to be the best Mats you can be ;-)

  2. Beautiful works. Have a nice weekend to you.

  3. beautiful Sas! Love to Mats!


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