Mar 8, 2013


Oh how lovely these first warm days!
The first days in the garden this year, surrounded by birds, bees.
and all the other creatures who woke up by the sunbeams.

The last time I spend a day in the garden I was still pregnant and now there is a little baby girl under the elm tree in the shade. She is watching the rustling leaves and all the other magical things that still surround her. 

I see my son crouching down to look at a bumble bee, he reminds me of myself as a child. I used to spend hours in the garden just sitting there looking at the small insects that crawled around me. It made me feel happy and warm inside...connected.

I had almost become blind for these every day miracles of Mother Nature. I looked at them but did not identify with them anymore. Today I realize that it is time for me to reconnect....


  1. Preciosos colores y tomas, me encantan! Un abrazo grande.

  2. Thank you dear Silvina, sending you a hug too!

  3. Happy to see the sun shining over you, your little ones and surroundings. Enjoy these beautiful days!

  4. Thank you dear Isabelle for your lovely words,
    sending you a hug, xx sas


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