May 5, 2013

Natural Play - Mud Pie Kitchen

Our mud pie kitchen next to our sandpit is made of an old kitchen trolley and a zinc tub. I can really recommend creating one, it is such a wonderful addition to natural play!

These days our son loves to create his famous 'garden soup', 'leaf pancakes' and his all time favorite 'the cork stew'. My suggestion of making lots of mud in the large zinc tub was rejected; "No Mamma that is my dishpan!" (Must be his Virgo ascendant I guess!)

But simple materials like corks, pine cones, shells, stones and all kinds of leaves picked from the garden are warmly welcomed by him. From time to time I can surprise him with potato skins, avocado seeds, egg cartons and paper bags.
And occasionally there are gnome cork boats sailing around in his dishpan. He really enjoys this natural play and I just love to see how he strolls through the garden all day long looking for ingredients for his stews.

In his mud pie kitchen my stainless steel kitchen equipment is prefered above plastic toys because of his need for imitation and realistic sound play. The results are empty kitchen cupboards but a great well-stocked playspace! 

Now I'm off to try a bowl of homemade cork stew. 
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday with your loved ones too.


  1. Wat heerlijk. Onze mud pie kitchen is hier ook een groot succes. Er wordt bijna elke dag wel mee gespeeld.

    Liefs MamaNatuurlijk

  2. MamaNatuurlijk, heb net die van jullie bekeken, die is echt mooi natuurlijk zeg!

    En wat staat jullie zoontje er lekker bij te grutten hihi

    Bedankt voor je berichtje,
    liefs sas

  3. Thank you for visiting Kim :)
    warm greetings sas

  4. I love his soups :) We have a wee mud kitchen too, though I've been finding it difficult to get my kitchen utensils back!

  5. Hahaha same here Jennifer,
    yesterday I had to dig for our ladle before I could serve my own soup!

    Thank you for stopping by and warm greetings,
    xx sas

  6. I loved making mud pies when I was a child and now I love watching my children in their mud kitchen! Magic Sas!!! xx

  7. It makes me happy too emma to watch my son being busy in his own magical world.
    It nourishes me to watch him play...thank you for your lovely comment, xxx sas


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