Jul 14, 2011

DIY - Mushroom Fairy

This cute little fairy is the guardian of the fly agaric.

You need the following materials to make this fairy;
- Wool fill
- Piece of white wool felt and a tiny piece of green felt
- Red white polka dot cotton fabric
- Flesh-colored felt bead
- White embroidery thread and a needle
- scissors
Let's start;
1 - Use a cake plate as a template and cut a circle of the dotted fabric.
2 - Stitch 1 inch from the side a running stitch around the circle.
3 - Make a small pouch by pulling the ends of the yarn. 
Fill the pouch loosely with some fill wool.
4 - Secure the ends of the yarn and close the pouch with a lock stitch.
5 - Cut a smaller circle out of the white felt. 
Attach the circle on the pouch with a stitch in the middle of the circle.
6 - Attach the felt bead in the middle of the circle on the pouch. 
7 - Cut the circle with scissors into strips, but not too close to the felt bead.
8 - Cut a small circle of the dotted fabric and use a running stitch again to make a tiny pouch. This will be the hat for the fairy. Fill the hat with a little wool fill and stitch it on the felt bead.
9 - Our fairy is almost ready now.
Cut the ends of the collar in half circles and stitch a white felt strip around the hat.  
Finally,  attach a few tiny green felt leaves to the hat to finish it.  
What a little sweetheart!


  1. oh my God! cutie cutie adorable :))...

  2. So sweet, I will have a go, I am not much of a sewer though.

    Many thanks for leaving a comment on my blog
    cheers from New Zealand, Marie

  3. oh,mushroom love!!! I love how this little world is growing...
    missy from the bayou

  4. I keep jumping from one post to another, amazed at how artistic and full of imagination you are :)
    Love it!


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