Mar 8, 2013

Fairy Fishpond

Today I made a new fairyland scene, now we have a sprite fishing in a tiny fishpond in our  kitchen windowsill. Our son was so happy to discover the little fellow.
These scenes really add something magical to your home or garden 
and are so simple to create for children too.

 For this scene I have used a drip tray for flower pots. The 'waterplants' are made of basil and a seedling sandwiched  between two pieces of rock crystal. The sprite has shoes made of beeswax so he can stand firmly on the rock. The float is made ​​of a pin which is pinned in a ball of beeswax. And the fishing rod is a small branch with thread and is attached between the hands with some beeswax.

You can also place the tray with water in a large bowl with earth and let a reed of watercress grow around it. Children will love to water the little seedlings and watch them grow. 
Or add simple walnut shell boats made of leaves, branches and beeswax. 

Here are some more fairyland scenes and I wish you all a magical weekend!



  1. zo lief, bijna zomers, maar ja eerst nog de lente...

    1. Na deze heerlijke dagen heb ik de lente al in mijn hoofd...kan haast niet wachten om weer hele dagen buiten te zijn!

  2. My favourite bit is his little spikey hat.

    1. Mine's too, it's from the chestnut tree in our garden.

  3. Oh I love your scene, lovely - your little fisherman is great :-)

  4. Oh wat heerlijk.. jouw fairy-gardens hebben mij geinspireerd tot een superlieve lente tafel.. nou ja fairy garden.

    Als de bolletjes uitgegroeid zijn, komt er een vijvertje.. te schattig dit!

    1. Kk heb net gekeken op jouw blog...wat een enige lente tafel!
      Heb nu zelf ook weer inspiratie hihi, bedankt en liefs sas

  5. Your scene is absolutely beautiful, I hope you don't mind if I Pin It?
    ~ joey ~
    ps. Oh my gosh, and a ladybug scooting across the page, I'm your newest fan! :o)

  6. Thank you so much for your lovely compliments and please do Pin it :)
    warm greetings sas

  7. Ooooooo, we are just about to make something similar for our spring story: 'Gilly The Garden Gnome' from a Donsy of Gnomes. But now we are going to give him a fishing rod too...just beautiful, thank you :)


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