Mar 29, 2013

Flower and Nest Fairies - Free PDF-pattern download

Here are some cuties I wanted to share with you. The flower and the nest fairies. These tiny fairies are only 5 cm tall and are the guardians of the flowers and bird nests.

Required Materials;

- 2 pipe cleaners (2 x 3 cm)
- 1 wooden bead 9 mm
- 2 wooden beads 3 mm
- wool felt scraps white
- beeswax scrap
- tuft wool roving in the color of the felt
- scissors
- (embroidery) thread
- needle
- eco glue
- feathers and moss
- a copy of the free pdf-pattern (click here to download)

The basis for both the fairies is the same. Use the pattern to cut out 1 jacket. Cut 2 pieces of pipe cleaners of 3 cm each and place them crosswise + on the table. Wrap the vertical pipe cleaner one time around te horizontal pipe cleaner. The baseframe is now ready.

Now sew the jacket and attach the head and arms. For more detailed instructions click here. Finally take a small tuft of woolroving and place it horizontal in the jacket. Fold the pipecleaner around the wool and fold the ends of the wool down together. Wet your fingers a bit and make a tip.

You can decorate the fairy with feathers (for wings and head decoration), flowers and moss. I use beeswax to secure the decorations so I can replace them easily once they are withered.

The nest fairies are flying around small quail eggs and the flower fairy is flying around a basket with white Muscari flowers (her jacket can easily be pushed over a stalk).

I hope you will enjoy these tiny fairies as much as I do. They make great gifts and are lovely in all kinds of flower and table decorations. Enjoy!




  1. Oh my your ideas just keep getting cuter and cuter!
    Thanks for sharing them!
    ~ joey ~

  2. these are beautiful! i especially love them in combination with the eggs
    thanks! they are an inspiration

  3. These fairies are absolutely delightful. I am definitely going to make one. Thank you for sharing.


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