Oct 18, 2011

Autumn Decorating

'Less is more' is not the phrase that comes to mind when you enter our living room. What we do hear from people is that it resembles a cozy Hobbit house somehow. Well, I can life with that. And I must admit I often don't know when to stop once I start my seasonal decorations.
But today I've made a lovely Ivy garland in no time simply by sewing fresh Ivy leaves together with my grandma's old sewing machine. (The original idea for a beautiful paper garland comes from the sympathetic Katherine and is shared on her lovely blog.) A fresh, green Ivy garland....just what our Hobbit home needed.
Encouraged by this success I also managed to put a small vase in a hollowed-out pumpkin. And voila. two Autumn decorations made in less than an hour!  Definitely a case of 'less is more' don't you think?
The chestnut spiderweb in the first photo is something I still love to make each Autumn. It reminds me of my childhood and it gives me a warm feeling when I enter our house and see it in our window.

Just saw this inspiring post by Blomsterwerkstatt, these Autumn wreaths are gorgeous!


  1. bellas imágenes como siempre! Me encanta tu idea de decorar y poner una nota original. A mí me surgen esas ganas cuando la cambia la estación.Por acá ahora es primavera y por el momento me he dedicado al jardín.Un abrazo grande!.

  2. I love how your garland turned out! I tried the leaf idea with some leaves from my maple this weekend, but I guess they were too delicate because they ripped. I will have to try another type of leaf - yours is stunning! I also love that chestnut cobweb. I want to try something similar!
    x Katherine

  3. Looking at your photographs I feel the sudden urge to be transforming myself into a hobbit just to come and visit your beautiful cozy home ;-)
    Very nice ideas for a superb Autumn decor.

    Hugs to you and yours

  4. You're so clever - I love the conker cobweb! Hurray for hobbit houses....

  5. Wow, ivy garland is a brilliant idea, your home is always so colorful and so full of life.

  6. Lovely... awesome..warm.... love the ivy garland and the chestnut spider web. Would love to know how you make that....


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