Oct 19, 2011

Kitchen Loves Orange

Today it didn't stopped raining and M and I spend our day in the kitchen. Our kitchen is square and very small, but after removing my oven (ouch!) I managed to create some space for a corner for M.
While I did some cleaning he was busy poring tea from his teaset and chewing on his beeswax crayons (I knew I bought them too soon, but I was hoping for a lovely drawing to frame).
I store all kinds of orange coloured groceries in our kitchen like shallots, pumpkins, tangerines and autumn fruits I found during our Sunday walks. They add a lot of colour and make me feel like I'm in a rustic country kitchen.
On our dinner table I have create a small seasonal table this time to celebrate Autumn. Three times a day I light small beeswax candles before we start our meal. I just love these little rituals, they add something magical. And a bit of magic is a good complement to a meal, I'm sure of it!


  1. It all looks so cozy - perfect for autumn!
    x Katherine

  2. You are the perfect Autumn Fairy, Sas and I know for a fact magic does wonders to one's digestion. :-)

  3. All those beautiful orange tones has inspired me to make Butternut Squash soup for supper - thank you!

  4. love the orange!! Just learned that the way we say goodbye at our front door is called a 'threshold ritual'. I like your 'breaking bread' ritual and centerpiece....magical!!
    missy from the bayou


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