Oct 1, 2011

Wishing you a lazy weekend!

We are having a real Indian summer over here in the Netherlands. The days are almost surreal with high temperatures and falling leaves surrounded by sunbeams. Ooh it is just wonderful! We spent all of our time poking around in the garden, daydreaming and enjoying the last sun of the season. In the meantime our new friend Kiri (named after opera singer Kiri Te Kanawa) is practicing a kind of Zen meditation on our couch. Life is sweet.
I wish you a warm and lazy weekend, with lots of time to spend outside or on your couch. Perhaps you can try some of Kiri's positions. There are quite inspiring don't you think?!


  1. All that time I thought Yoga poses were hard to do, I see that if Kiri can do it, I should give it a try ;-)
    Happy lazy week-end to you to Sas...
    When you are done with the Indian Summer in Netherlands could you please send a bit our way...direction Vancouver. Hugs and kisses

  2. did i mention, when i visited last time... how much I love your blog. we just had a color consult come to the house to help us pick paint colors... the woman was saying she just sees the world through the lens of color. and then today, I feel like red has been popping up for me all day... and then tonight when I had more time to peruse your blog, i'm inspired by the colors and wanting to rethink my paint colors. wanna come over (to Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.) and help me with a color consult? (wink). again.. thanks for the visit.

  3. I have been missing for awhile but have a new kitty as well to keep me more grounded! Looks so much like yours..my 'Forrest' has an M in the middle of his forehead too!!
    missy from the bayou
    he was an abandoned kitty...so happy he was
    left for me

  4. Espectaculares imágenes!!Hermosas posiciones, hermoso color! Felicitaciones!!!Me encantan!Un abrazo grande.

  5. Wow, that is one happy cat! I am sometimes so envious of my own kitties - they really know how to radiate relaxation and joy, don't they?!
    - Katherine


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