Feb 27, 2013

Beeswax Snails

I love creating these simple beeswax snails! 
They are easy to make with children, I can recycle my beeswax scraps and my son and I love to look in our garden for abondened snail's shells.

A snail's shell spiral form has something magical and their colours and patterns are all unique and beautiful. When you rub the snail's shells with a drop of olive oil the colours will reveal themselves. In close-up, each snail house is a small miracle!

5 minutes DIY - Beeswax Snail

1 - Knead a little beeswax into an oval shape.
(I use scraps from beeswax tea lights)
2 - Flatten it a bit and make a short tail at one end. 
4 - Make a cut on the other end and form two feelers.
5 - Press the snail's shell into the middle.
6 - Bend the head lightly.

 Another nice thing about these beeswax snails is that you can stick them to almost any surface. In our house they cover up nasty staines and boreholes everywhere and seem to have a life of their own.


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